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Anthology is the collection of poems, literature or compositions that attracts literature lovers. The author is supposed to compile and write poems, poetry or literary compositions for a targeted or general audience.

Anthology is a disambiguation of writing pieces which are then compiled under one single publication. Hence, it is said to be a collection of disconnected short content but on one specific focused subject. Since it falls under the fiction genre, therefore, the work of anthology is used to categorize collections of shorter works such as short novels, short stories, poems etc but occasionally each by different and various authors, compiled under one publication. Each story is disconnected with the other, having different characters, different settings, different plot and completely different stories.

Writing anthology is exciting and allows the writer to flow his creativity in various different directions. It is even more fun for the readers as they have a greater choice to read and please their reading worms. The targeted audience here can be children, teens, young adults or adults. However, each section of readers will have a distinct choice in terms of selecting a certain anthology book. Hence, each anthology book is targeted for a specific set of audience, looking for a book of their own interests.

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