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It is writing on academic contents that involve genres and forms that are non-fictional and factual based. It intends to be objective and impersonal, hence, targeting specific audience and subjects.

Education is a vast genre that embraces and includes subjects, themes and topics which intent to educate the minds and broadens the horizons of readers. It is true that education comprises of anything and everything that is beneficial and leads to ultimate nourishment along the journey. Education is not merely going to school and college and attending countless number of classes every day. Education exists in every tiny to huge pieces that are meant to spread information, awareness and knowledge. However, this genre puts great responsibility on the writers shoulder as every word that he comes up with is trusted and followed by the readers. This requires intensive and rigorous research that will assist the writer to retain objectivity, truthfulness and factual data.

The writer needs to be passionate about striving to gain access to knowledge that will be shared by his medium among thousands and millions other. Nevertheless, despite the strict adherence to factual knowledge, the writing piece should be presented in a way that is both accurate yet follows the methodological procedure.

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